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October 12th

Bonnie Blue and Oliver + S will have new patterns over the next 2-4 weeks...

SOLD OUT OF ALL BUT 2 MAXI READ PLEATERS UNTIL ABOUT THE 3-4th WEEK OF OCTOBER...PRE-ORDER TODAY FOR CHRISTMAS SALES!!!!  24-row Regular Reads and 32-row Reads are now on a waiting list...more coming by the end of October.

Creations by Michie has recently discontinued the following patterns:  #103, 104, 105, 106, 110, 113, 114, 116 small, 116 large, 117, 118, 122, 124 small, 124 large, 125, 130 small and 130 large.  If you see one of these pattern numbers on the site, then it is still here and stock is available from this site.

WHOLESALE ENTRY AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED SHOPS....CLICK on  LOGIN on the top line above, fill out the "New Customer" questionnaire and 
call 1-800-424-2232 or email after receiving the message "you are a success" or words to that affect and I will flip your online account to wholesale to qualifying buyers.  Any questions....just call 1-800-424-2232 or 541-383-0492, fax 541-383-8908


SALE PRICED!!!  Click to see!!!!

New From Bonnie Blue Designs....CHARLOTTE CAPRIS, TOPS, TUNICS, DRESSES, PANTS, LEGGINGS!!! 12m-8years


#92 Charmed Dresses, #93 Sweet & Sassy Dresses and #94 Ice Princess Ballgown
ALL 3 patterns come with matching doll dresses

CROSS EYED CRICKET DESIGN on this entire link to go straight to ALL Cross-Eyed Crickets Plates

#341 Christmas Joy    #342 Buzz Bees    #343 HO HO HO Merry Christmas   #344 Prideful Lions   #345 Hound Dog Football

  #346 Blue Hoots   #347 Perky Penguins   #348 Happy Holly Days   #349 Jolly Sock Monkeys
Judith Marquis Designs    

This little Sleep Sacque is the new way to dress Baby for bed - your answer to no-blanket baby sleepwear.  New smockers:  Instructions for dot-free, pleater-free smocking have been included! Available about September 12th, shipping to me September 2nd from Canada

Violette Field Threads   
2 New Patterns (Original version of Molly is revised)

McKenzie is an A-lined sundress/jumper with a cute ruffle down the front.  Buttons at the shoulders with bias loops.  Front and back are identical so simple to construct.  18" dolly pattern included.  Size 2-8yrs

New Design Plates from Pat Garretson !

#227 Family Holiday, #234 Baby's First Christmas, #233 Cardinals, #232 Dominique

 #231 Sweet Treats, #230 Feliz Navidad
#228 Fairbanks, #229 Faith

READ PLEATERS 24-row Pleater, 24-row Maxi Pleater and 32-row Pleater SOLD OUT  UNTIL late-October!  PRE-ORDER TODAY!

The NEWLY REVISED UPDATED AND OUTSTANDING Thread Caddy for the 24-row Read Pleater and Maxi is now in stock...holds 24 spools of thread!

                         Yes we also have a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER LOGIN:  Click on LOG-IN on the bar above to create your account.  Next click on NEW CUSTOMER and fill in the blanks.   After you receive the notification you have been a success creating your account, email or call 1-800-424-2232 and I will change your login to wholesale.  You must fax/scan/email a copy of your business license, state sales tax id or legal document required of your state before we change your account to whls.  1st Orders $50, reorders $25    

PAYPAL USERS...!!!! Excitement!!!!  All credit card users are now processed thru Paypal.  No the second you hit SUBMIT your card will not be run.  Please know we will run the card after the order has been pulled, shipping added and ready to go out the door.  

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Pillow Trio 18" Pillows
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