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ALL The Easter Plates will be updated next...within a few weeks I should have all 300+
Pat Garretson Design Plates updated online

The remaining Read Maxi Pleaters with 47 needles are still available at $379

READ MAXI PLEATER with 47 rows and 47 needles ARE IN STOCK TODAY!   SALE PRICE $379.00 (shops please call for wholesale sale price).   Each pleater comes with our complimentary 72-Page Pleater Manual retail value $24.95

The Read Maxi Pleater we have all known since 2003 with 47 needles is being discontinued forever.  I still have these in stock sale-priced for you.

The NEW Read Maxi Pleater with 48 needle slots (same as the original since 2003) will now be the only READ MAXI PLEATER manufactured and it will arrive with 24 needles only.  
(WHOLESALE SHOPPERS be sure to click on LOGIN to flip the site to wholesale pricing)
Yes there is also a wholesale login for shops and online sellers with wholesale pricing.  Click on LOGIN .  Next you will see NEW CUSTOMERS.  Fill in the New Customer questions regarding your business.  When the questionnaire is complete, email me at for the final verification.  From that point on you will always be a wholesale customer with wholesale pricing.  Until the verification process is completed you will only see retail prices online.  Any questions call Cheryl at 1-800-424-2232.

NEW!!!  Pat Garretson is redesigning ALL OF HER DESIGN for the new bigger picture of all 300+ design plates...slow process for me to upload them, little by little...starting with ALL of the Christmas and Hanukkuh Designs