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Read Maxi Pleaters  are on their way to me with the arrival approximately June 26th
ONLY 4 PLEATERS NOT SOLD as of today, June 10th
Please let me know if you want a Read Pleater(s) soon--only 4 left from this batch!!!!

May 21 The CLOSING SALE HAS BEGUN...most is online with the sale prices 5-50% OFF (most)...but no sale price on Read Pleaters, Read Needles, Amanda Jane Needles or Dot-Transfer Sheets

The following stock is going to stay with Creative Smocking FOREVER and is NOT ON SALE AND NEVER WILL BE ON SALE.  The Read Pleater, Read Needles (all), Amanda Jane Needles, Dot Transfer Sheets, The Pleater Manual and a maybe something I am forgetting today--these items will be with Creative Smocking forever to BUY ON THE SAME
The web site will stay UP forever with the above products and probably a some others I personally own and/or any leftovers after the same still remaining on the shelves.  

ONE MORE IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT THE WEBSITE INVENTORY.  The INVENTORY IS NOT ATTACHED TO THE WEBSITE AND NEVER WILL BE--two completely different programs and neither program talks to the other..  If you order 2-20 of any given item, the website inventory will think there are actually that many in stock.  THERE ARE NOT!!!!  Most products remaining have between 1-5 of any given item.  In the end you will only be billed for what I ship per the true inventory program--the program I have had since YES 1984!!!!

YES, READ 16 row needles fit Pullen 16-row pleaters most of the time; always a situation where maybe the Pullen rollers have been tweaked, damaged, etc.  I've only had one situation in my many, many years when the customer told me they do not fit her 16-row Read pleater; just happened two weeks ago.  ???  No idea why 

(WHOLESALE SHOPPERS be sure to click on LOGIN to flip the site to wholesale pricing)
Yes there is also a wholesale login for shops and online sellers with wholesale pricing.  Click on LOGIN .  Next you will see NEW CUSTOMERS.  Fill in the New Customer questions regarding your business.  When the questionnaire is complete, email me at for the final verification.  From that point on you will always be a wholesale customer with wholesale pricing.  Until the verification process is completed you will only see retail prices online.  Any questions call Cheryl at 1-800-424-2232.

Shelley Heather
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Shelley Heather
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