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CROSS EYED CRICKET 8 New Design Plates In Stock Today!  See below....

Going, going not quite gone but the May batch is almost gone....just letting you know.
Yes the Read Maxi Pleaters are back in stock again, but down to very few!!!!  
Read 16 row needles and Read 24/32-row needles are also in stock!
General Purpose Needles did not arrive.  Please use the Amanda Jane needles until the General Purpose Needles arrive,
as they are exactly the same needle. 

Great Discovery!!!   We tested Amanda Jane needles in a Sally Stanley Pleater and they worked PERFECTLY!!!!  Amanda Jane needle man Jerry in Australia also confirmed the Amandas work GREAT in Sally Stanley Pleaters!!!  Since I rarely receive the General Purpose Needles for Sally Stanley needles, the ability to use Amanda Jane needles in the Sally Stanley pleaters is GREAT NEWS!!!!  Amanda Jane needles are plentiful!!!!

(WHOLESALE SHOPPERS be sure to click on LOGIN to flip the site to wholesale pricing)
Yes there is also a wholesale login for shops and online sellers with wholesale pricing.  Click on LOGIN .  Next you will see NEW CUSTOMERS.  Fill in the New Customer questions regarding your business.  When the questionnaire is complete, email me at for the final verification.  From that point on you will always be a wholesale customer with wholesale pricing.  Until the verification process is completed you will only see retail prices online.  Any questions call Cheryl at 1-800-424-2232.

Read Maxi pleater with 47 1/2 space needle slots w 24 needles IN STOCK!!!!
Your Price Read Maxi Pleater 47 needle slots with 24 needles in the pleater
Read Maxi pleater with 47 1/2 space needle slots w 24 needles IN STOCK!!!!